Indie Website Jumpstart


Everything you need and an experienced guide to create a complete, effective website.

Everything you need and an experienced guide to create a complete, effective website.

We’ll work together to create beautiful website that draws on our expertise to meet your needs with style. You’ll get personalized one-on-one service and custom design. Share your ideas, get all your questions answered, and end up with an effective, attractive solution to represent you on the web.

I short-circuit the typical “agency” design process to deliver user focused, affordable websites in record time. I pride myself on simple solutions depending on default configurations with minimal changes. On top of standard themes I sprinkle some well-crafted CSS to make your brand and content shine.


1. Free Strategy Session (Contact Us)

We’ll meet up. talk about your project and and work up list of goals and requirements. If you’re not sure what your strategy is or should be, I’ll help you devise one.

What you’ll need:
2-3 sites or other sources you like the look and feel of, or want the design to be inspired by.
An outline of the content you want to publish on the site.
Digital images such as headshot, logo, or storefront photographs.

2. Pay for your Jumpstart

We’ll be in touch with a visual brief that describes the look and feel of the project, and confirm what other materials we may need from you to complete the project. If all signs look good by now, come back and buy this product.

3. Prototype, Revisions, and Content

4. Launch

We schedule website launch and work through the final checklist before flipping the metaphorical switch that puts your new site on the web!

Logo Design

We’ll create a snappy logo to go with your new site. High resolution and vector versions included.

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