Indie Website Membership

From: $20.00 / month

This membership keeps your website alive. It covers hosting, backups, and support.

Your membership covers the ongoing expenses of server maintenance, software upgrades, data storage and bandwidth.

All members sites served equally by:

  • A Digital Ocean VPS with a hand-tuned, robust and high-performance open-source software stack.
  • An SSL certificate from and secure-by-default encryption.
  • Automatic backups every week for the last month and every month for the previous 6 months.

Beyond hosting:

  • Manage your site through the familiar (and easy-to-learn) WordPress interface.
  • Powerful SEO and Analytics tools.
  • Custom branding and domain.
  • A website tailored to your needs.

Not that you’ll have any problems, but just drop us an email for friendly, local tech support from someone who knows your project!

Here are links to pricing for a few similar hosting providers, I think you'll find we compare quite well:

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