Indie Websites

We create simple, easy-to-update websites for small businesses, authors, craftspeople, and worthy causes.

Our portfolio is living and varied. Some sites are typography and reader-focused, some are portfolios of artwork. They all represent the faces of independent web. We call our little network the "Indie Web Fist." But not very often.

  • E-commerce
  • Complex Contact Forms
  • Appointments
  • Events
  • Galleries
  • Downloads
  • We’ve done it!

Our indie websites run on a dedicated server and are delivered via an encrypted connection. We value and respect our clients' privacy and that of their users and the visitors to their sites.  We don’t run advertising or use any 3rd party trackers. Your data is secure and not for sale.

We offer up-front pricing and no lock-in. If you decided to go another way, we'll even help you migrate to another service for free.

Have questions or want more details? Send us an email!